Individual – practical – targeted: those are our principles, according to which we work for you and with you to achieve your goal.   

Speak to us if you:

  • are interested in using bioenergy
  • are considering using or investing in modern clean technologies
  • want to optimise your existing investment
  • want to obtain solid biomass for use as an energy source or would like to exploit your solid biomass are considering an investment in the use of solid biomass for energy

CEBCON is your professional project developer and consultancy with many years of practical experience in the industry. We offer you solutions that are tailor-made for you and your situation and that also work in practice. In this respect, we think holistically, i.e. we can see to your needs completely from analysis to implementation. You can get involved in the development too, if you so desire. Consequently, there is a lively exchange of ideas, and our services remain transparent and understandable for you.

Project development

CEBCON - Individual analyses

We develop project ideas from an early stage through to commercialisation. more 


CEBCON - Consulting

Our service range includes strategic and operational consulting more 


CEBCON - Procurement

We would be pleased to procure suitable fuels and machinery to optimise your site more 


Cebcon - Miscellaneous

Other services such as evaluations, audit certificates and expert opinions supplement our portfolio  more